Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Please read the Fitting Guide. If you have specific questions not answered in the guide, please message me through the shop.
You probably just need to verify your e-mail using the link Shapeways sends you - sometimes that e-mail winds up in your spam or junk folder. That is the best way to contact me for questions.
No. rings and cages are sold separately, allowing you to mix and match what you order. It does not come with a lock - see the next question on how to get a lock.

Finish Questions

3D printing leaves a soft texture on every print, Processed is best described as the texture of an egg shell. Premium plastic still has a slight texture, but it's glossier and slipperier, meaning skin will glide across it a little easier. MJF PA12 is printed at a finer layer height, and offers a very smooth finish without any post-processing. Depending on your personal preference, any of them could need sanding. Some people like the grip, some people want it smooth. Shapeways goes into detail on those questions here

I do recommend giving it a sand if you're sensitive to the roughness or just want it smoother. 10-15 minutes with 600-800 grit wet sandpaper on the ring can make a world of difference. Do note that this may dull or remove the color in the sanded area. If appearance is of utmost concern, I recommend ordering in white, performing the finish work and then dyeing it yourself using a product like RIT DyeMore.

Order Questions

The Shapeways website gives your that information once you put in your address - it allows you to pay for priority printing and/or shipping to expedite your order if you want it sooner than the expected date they provide you.
Shapeways sends any item you order from them comes in a box that says "Shapeways" - it's about as revealing of its contents as a box labelled "Amazon"
Please double check your order, and if the product that was delivered does not match what you ordered, please get in touch with Shapeways support and let them know that the wrong item was sent to you. Please use the contact link on the support page for wrong items in order.
No. Shapeways is automated, the design you order is exactly what you will receive. Items do not come from me, or to me to where I can make changes after the order. If you want something different than what you see, message me regarding a customization/different size ring/custom size cage - all of those need to be designed before they can be ordered.
No.  Shapeways is who you need to work with if you've placed an order - you may be able to cancel an order if it is not yet in production, but you would have to reach out to them.  Please use the contact link on the support page.

Ring Questions

3D printing Nylon has some variance in accuracy: ± 0.15mm, then ± 0.15% of longest axis. Please use measurements as a starting point and relative to other pieces within the shop.
The angle numbers tell you how much the ring is rotated towards (negative angle) or away (positive angle) from the cage relative to the 'stock' ring of that style (flat or ergo). This changes the size of the gap the testicles have, and can relax or tighten the amount of space available. You can compare rings of differing angles and styles by using the Cage Finder and Ring Finder. I generally recommend starting with a non-angled ring and then tweaking from there once you find how it fits for you.
A Ball Hook on a ring is typically a matter of preference. The Ball Hook separates the testicles, and makes the area less roomy. That can be an advantage or a disadvantage, it depends on the wearer and their preferences. Other uses for it are limited only by your imagination..
Single, Double, or Triple - it's up to your preference. The double adds a bit of length to the cage, but it also has a wider contact patch with the skin which can be good for some people as it has a less pinpoint pressure point. It can also provide more "grip" on the skin and the skin may slide through a bit less. On the downside, it may push the testicles a bit more forward than a single ring as there is less skin to allow them to droop.
For the Cherry Keeper Innie, I recommend going up 6-8mm from the ring size you would wear with a more traditional cage design. I would not recommend a highly angled ring at all, but do consider one with the Love Handles on it to ease the burden of adding a strap and holding it tight against the wearers body.