Diameter Min Max
Width & Height W. Min H. Min W. Max H. Max
Cage Name
Ring Shape
Ring Style
# of Rings
Ball Hook
  Ring DesignShapeStyle# of RingsWidthHeightDiameterAngleBall HookHandlesBall Gap
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Finding a ring to match with CKC-Small TS
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  CR2 E 31CircularErgoSingle31 mm31 mm31 mm 12.4 mm
  CKR E 32 -2CircularErgoSingle32 mm32 mm32 mm-2°10.9 mm
  CKR E 32CircularErgoSingle32 mm32 mm32 mm 12.1 mm
  CR2 E 32 +7CircularErgoSingle32 mm32 mm32 mm+7°16.6 mm
  CKR E 34 -2CircularErgoSingle34 mm34 mm34 mm-2°10.3 mm
  CKR E 36 -6CircularErgoSingle36 mm36 mm36 mm-6°7.2 mm
  CKR E 36CircularErgoSingle36 mm36 mm36 mm 11.6 mm
  CKR-Z5EXBX-20 E BH 36CircularErgoSingle36 mm36 mm36 mm Yes11.6 mm
  CR2 E LH 36CircularErgoSingle36 mm36 mm36 mm Yes11.6 mm
  CR2 E BH LH 36CircularErgoSingle36 mm36 mm36 mm YesYes11.6 mm
  CKR D E 36CircularErgoDouble36 mm36 mm36 mm 11.6 mm
  CKR WO E 39x34Wide OvalErgoSingle39 mm34 mm36.54 mm 11.7 mm
  CR2 WO E 39x35 -2Wide OvalErgoSingle39 mm35 mm37.03 mm-2°10.2 mm
  CKR WO D E 40x35Wide OvalErgoDouble40 mm35 mm37.54 mm 11.6 mm
  CKR E 38 -6CircularErgoSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm-6°7.1 mm
  CR2 E 38 -1CircularErgoSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm-1°11 mm
  CKR E 38CircularErgoSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm 11.8 mm
  CR2 E BH 38CircularErgoSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm Yes11.8 mm
  CR2 E LH 38 -1CircularErgoSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm-1°Yes11 mm
  CR2 E BH LH 38CircularErgoSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm YesYes11.8 mm
  CKR F 38 -2CircularFlatSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm-2°6.8 mm
  CR2 F 38 +4CircularFlatSingle38 mm38 mm38 mm+4°11.5 mm
  CKR D E 38CircularErgoDouble38 mm38 mm38 mm 11.8 mm
  CR2 WO E 39x37 -4Wide OvalErgoSingle39 mm37 mm38.01 mm-4°8.6 mm
  CKR WO E 41x36Wide OvalErgoSingle41 mm36 mm38.54 mm 11.6 mm